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2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D/HD?

A 2D ultrasound produces flat black and white moving images of your internal structures. Utilizing sound waves sent from the ultrasound probe, it outlines your baby's skeletal structure and organs by capturing their reflections.


A 3D ultrasound employs specialized imaging software to generate a three-dimensional representation of the baby. This provides expecting parents with a detailed view of their baby's facial features, going beyond the mere outline of the face.


A 4D ultrasound produces a three-dimensional image by incorporating "time" as the fourth dimension. By compiling numerous images into a live video, it enables real-time visualization of your baby's movements and expressions, including smiles, in the womb.  It's like moving from a photo (2D) to a detailed sculpture (3D), and then adding real-time video (4D).


An HD ultrasound, commonly known as 5D, represents the latest advancement in pregnancy imaging. By merging high-definition volume data with exceptional color and clarity, it provides the experience of viewing your baby as if observing from within the womb.



2D Ultrasound


3D Ultrasound


  1. Adhering to the highest safety standards

  2. Utilizing the latest HD ultrasound technology

  3. Staffed by highly qualified professionals

  4. 5-star reviews

  5. Offering family-friendly ultrasound services

  6. Providing great discounts for return visits


Blood tests provided by Angel Face Ultrasound have NO medical purpose and no medical reports are provided. Our only intent is to allow you and your family to have maximal time planning for your new baby.


We require you to be under prenatal care with an OBGYN or Midwife to receive our Elective Pregnancy Ultrasound and DNA blood test services.  In the unfortunate circumstance that we find a fetus without a beating heart, you will be refunded in full. If we call the wrong gender, you will be refunded in full no questions asked, as well as a free 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound. If your DNA NIPT Gender Test is wrong, you get a full refund. If baby is shy for their 3D/4D/HD scan, we may have you come back for a free scan within two weeks.

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