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The Gender Reveal

The Gender Reveal

  • 15-39 weeks
  • 25 minute session 
  • 4 black and white printed images
  • quick view of baby in 3D/4D if position allows
  • surprise outcome optional
  • $10 off Bungalow Bunny Package
  • Product Information

    This session is perfect to invite family and feel like its a party right there in the room. we will also get a quick look at baby in 3D/4D/HD LIVE provided they are in the right positions. For this appointment we recommend staying hydrated for a few days before- drinking about 72oz of water a day, and a little sugar before you come. Don't want to know the gender? No problem, add on some gender poppers or pick from our various gender reveal options (our favorite being the gender reveal bear, where we will place either a blue or pink bear in a special suprise box for you to open up later.

  • No Heartbeat Policy

    In the event that we cannot located a heartbeat, you will be issued a full refund.

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